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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What documents are required when registering one’s sole trading?
2. What is the cost of being included in the Register of Sole Traders?
3. What procedure must one undertake in order to submit the CEIDG-1 document (entry to the Register of Sole Traders/ change of registration/ entry of suspension/ entry of recommence/ entry of termination)?
4. Which data amendment should be submitted to the recording authority and when?
5. What does one need to do in order to suspend his sole trade?
6. What is the allowed period of suspension?
7. Does the recommence of the sole trade occur automatically after the declared period of suspension?
8. What are the effects of not submitting the recommence documents before 24 months for with the day of the suspension for the sole trader?
9. Can the amendment in the register as well as the submission of a recommence document be dealt with on one sing CEIDG-1 form?
10. What is the Central Register and Information about Sole Trading?
11. Is it possible to register one’s sole trading online?
12.What is an electronic signature?
13. What is a confidential profile of an electronic platform of public administration services? (ePUAP)?
14. When should one submit one’s entry into the CEIDG?
15. How does one know that the file was submitted in the CEIDG?
16. What data should be included in the CEIDG system?
17. Will the entrepreneur, who applies for an entry in the CEIDG, must independently declare his application in GUS/ Tax Office/ ZUS (KRUS)?
18. What happens to the application after it is submitted to CEIDG?
19. What happens when one submits the wrong CEIDG form?
20. Is the sole trader obliged to notify CEIDG in case of the termination of his sole trading activity or in case of any amendment implemented in his sole trading performance?
21. Can an entrepreneur be removed from CEIDG by an administrative entity?